• Sugarcane-Based Bioenergy

    Sugarcane-Based Bioenergy

    Experience and Competitiveness The directors' vast professional experience, which is employed for...

  • Energy Cogeneration

    Energy Cogeneration

    Energy Cogeneration Industry The Energy Cogeneration is defined as a process of production and us...

  • Steel and Mining

    Steel and Mining

    Steel and Mining Industry The steel and mining segment concentrates miners and steel mills. Curre...

  • Alimentary


    Food Industry Considered a strategic area, the food industry puts Brazil in the spotlight on the ...

  • Paper and Cellulose

    Paper and Cellulose

    Pulp and Paper Industry Paper global production and consumption have been growing for over fiftee...

  • Basic Sanitation

    Basic Sanitation

    Basic Sanitation Industry As basic sanitation procedures we include: water treatment, plumbing an...

  • Agricultural


    Agricultural Industry The agricultural sector moves about 25% of Brazil's economy and is in great...

  • Railway


    Railway Industry The Brazilian Railway System is in constant innovation, strengthening and boosti...

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