Metalúrgica Átila offers Consulting, Reforms and Development services for our customers, with a technical team prepared to meet the client need in the best way.

Technical Consultancy

Our customers enjoy the experience of our team on cast parts through technical consultancy service. Seeking loyalty and the best-cost benefit relation to the customer, our team indicates the choice of the best materials applied for each situation.

Inspection for Penetrating Liquid 

Inspection for Penetrating Liquid (Revelation)

Shaft Dimensional Inspection

Combs Dimensional Inspection


Development of Molds / Tooling

In addition to the manufacture of parts and equipments, we develop molds / tooling for process optimization and thus reducing production costs and improving standardization.

Resin Model

Model Styrofoam

Model Wood


Parts and Equipments Reforms

In certain parts that suffer wear due to fatigue at work; the reform or recovery can be an alternative with great cost benefit. Therefore, our team does a thorough analysis / inspection of parts to ensure the viability and quality of the recovery process, where standardized consumables are used, and of the final product.

Gear, Before - During - After

Feeder Table Gear

Feeder Table During

Feeder Table During

Feeder Table After

Bearings, Before - During - After

Reform Bearings Table Feeder - Before

Feeder Table Bearings - During

Feeder Table Bearings - During

Feeder Table Bearings - After

Pinion gear, Before - During - After

Pinion gear - Before

Pinion gear - During

Pinion gear - During

Pinion gear - After


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