Experience and Competitiveness

The directors' vast professional experience, which is employed for many years in the sugarcane-based bioenergy industry, leads Metalúrgica Átila to get more space in the supplier market for the industry.

Constant investments in equipment to modernize production, combined with the lean structure, make Metalúrgica Átila increasingly competitive.

Produced Parts

In the sugarcane-based bioenergy industry in particular, we have the biggest diversity of parts in different materials, such as:

  • Bronzes: roller bearings with and without cooling, half shell bearings with cooling systems, sleeves, wear plates and strips, various sleeves, and other parts.
  • Steels: Bearings boxes, bagasse tank, combs, unions, and shafts, among others.
  • Cast Irons: Couplings gloves, pulleys, flywheels, conventional combs, bearings for table, boiler griller components, nozzles for gas scrubbers, among others

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