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Metalúrgica Átila offers Consulting, Reforms and Development services for our customers, with a technical team prepared to meet the client need in the best way.

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Metalúrgica Átila

Metalúrgica Átila

Metalúrgica Átila was founded in 2012 by Arthur Átila Ruckert and Nelson M. Marques Junior, in Sertãozinho, in the countryside of state of São Paulo, a city known for having the strongest industrial center of the country as well as the world capital of sugarcane-based bioenergy industry in Brazil.

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About us

Metalúrgica Átila - Sertãozinho - SP - Brazil

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Rua José Batista Soares, 418
Distrito Industrial II
Sertãozinho / SP - Brazil
Phone: +55 16 3041-5445